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Design Notes 5/20/2020

Knowing there are at least four more weeks until I return to the day job, I'm making lemonade out of lemons.

I met the wonderful and beautiful Chad H. and Nancy B. in Maplewood's Memorial Park for a second photo shoot recently. Chad captured me wearing the Pomodoro bag (left); the Seaglass top; and the Springfield duster.

Nancy modeled her eponymous vest and the Elisa Rose, and put the Mindy bag through its paces.

The entire photo shoot lasted less than an hour. The preparation and the post-production are what take days and weeks!

The next phase in S | S 20 is to make the collection more size-inclusive. A select number of our designs can be made to order, for your exact measurements.

Turnaround time is very quick these days - even for a full-length garment. Order today and you could wear your bespoke piece within 3 weeks. Currently I'm creating a variation on the India for my friend Julie. It's cream instead of marigold, with a deep rust and gray silk detail at the neckline. I'm experimenting with making it detachable. Wouldn't it be marvelous to change out the detailing according to your whim?

In the meantime, I'm also noodling around with a hat design to be released in October. It's a Fair Isle design with a nerdy twist. That's all I can say for now :-)

Stay safe, dear friends.

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