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Design Notes 4/25/2020

Well, this is it! The S/S 20 Collection launches on Monday.

It's a weird time to do anything right now, let alone launch a premiere knitwear collection. One of my fears is that people will say "How can she be so self-centered? Launching a signature collection instead of sewing face masks!"

We all have those imaginary judges in our heads. What my Greek chorus doesn't know is that I'm fairly lousy at the sewing machine. Knitting and designing saved me from certain madness during the past few weeks. Modeling a few creations forced me to brush my hair and wear makeup. :)

Just to confirm the move wasn't tone-deaf, I sent a quick poll to the email list. 90% of those who responded said that occasional emails from Kari Capone Design was a "welcome distraction". The other 10% would prefer to wait till the Fall collection is released. Fair enough!


S/S 20 was inspired by the icy blue tones and cool pastels of early mornings on the beach. On a trip to San Diego I spent hours walking the palm-tree-lined streets and beaches, snapping pics of huge succulents and rocks worn smooth by the sea.

I'll need a buttery-soft cotton sweater for the evenings. A fun vest to layer over tanks and tees. And the perfect linen bag to hold essentials.

San Diego shoreline

I'll be adding a few surprises to the collection over the next weeks. Be sure to sign up for our email list for early access to new products and sales.

Stay safe, dear friends.

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